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What is VR?

Virtual reality porn is an exponentially growing market. Featuring porn scenes shot from a viewer’s perspective
and the full visual immersion capability of a virtual reality headset,
VR porn gives viewers the chance to be upfront and close
with their favorite porn stars, enjoying a level of intimacy that was not available in traditional porn videos.


How does this new development in the tech market intersect with the pornography industry?

First used for flight simulators to train budding pilots and then for gaming,
VR’s first integration into the commercial market may remind some millennials of Nintendo’s attempt to introduce virtual reality gaming
to the market with the failed Virtual Boy. for a variety of industries, including but not limited to the military,
surgery simulation services, and public speaking improvement courses.

It wouldn’t be until 2010 when the goggle-like headsets most individuals today associate VR with would be released as a prototype by Oculus Rift.
These VR headsets ensure that users are entirely immersed within the VR experience; move your head and the virtual reality system will follow your movement in turn.
Users are given a full 360-degree view rather than the limited perspective that a regular streaming video offers. Due to this full visual immersion granted by the VR,
users can also choose where to focus, and a variety of content is available to users via PC, home console, or smartphone.




Given the fact that a VR headset allows its users a full visual immersion experience, this is an obvious major appeal point to the pornography industry
rather than watching a scene, you can be in the scene. You can see what the actor is seeing. You can hear what they are hearing.
Your brain makes you feel as though you are a participant, not just an observer. This is a game changer.


It’s not just a more novel sense of intimacy that makes VR porn popular; the VR porn industry has developed
to directing videos tailoring a girlfriend experience for viewers, also known as GFE. With GFE videos, rather than feeling like a distant voyeur,
viewers are given the perception that they are in the center of the scene, with the VR porn video’s camera angle emphasizing the viewer’s perspective.
Furthermore, VR porn movies are scripted to involve the viewer more with additional elements such as foreplay and flirting
completely and typically non-existent in your traditional, streamed porn video. These additional qualities provide a more intimate edge to
VR porn movies versus traditional pornography, which focuses more on acts of penetrative sex.




If we were to discuss similar qualities between VR porn and the traditional porn video, one of the few similarities that VR porn has in comparison to websites streaming pornographic material is the division of free VR porn and paid VR porn. Like popular websites such as PornHub, users can choose to stick to free content or may choose to subscribe for more premium content, which includes Virtual Reality, while paying a monthly fee. The high quality of the Virtual Reality porn experience definitely warrants the few extra dollars. Being able to drop yourself into a Virtual Reality world and actually feel as if you are living the experience is so much more immersive and enjoyable than watching any type of porn outside of Virtual Realty. It makes it a no brainer.

Given how niche VR porn is, for the time being, many services streaming and uploading VR porn are limiting their free content. As VR content is more costly to produce and not as easily created, most sites have membership fees that folks can pay for monthly, annually, or in some cases, for a lifetime one-time-only deal.

If you want access to a bigger collection of VR porn sites with higher resolution and variety, subscribing to a paid site is the way to go to satisfy your curiosity and to support content creators to further the industry. If you don’t have a VR headset the virtual reality porn sites that require a membership for their VR porn content will often give subscribed viewers perks such as a free Google Cardboard virtual reality (VR)  headset and even access to bonus content like behind-the-scenes and exclusive videos.

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