From The Vault: Chloe Amour (GearVR)

From The Vault: Chloe Amour (GearVR)

From The Vault Chloe Amour Gearvr

From The Vault Chloe Amour Gearvr

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From The Vault Chloe Amour Gearvr
After a long day working outside, you’re spent. All the physical labor and heat has seemingly zapped your energy. But then you walk inside to find the luscious Chloe Amour sitting, waiting for you to arrive. Her tight, green tank top looks amazing against her tanned skin while her legs, already spread wide, shows off green panties covering up her goodies.

Suddenly, you forget just how tired you are. Chloe wants to thank you for doing all that hard work. She intends on showing you the appreciation, but not just with a tip. She invites you in as she spreads her legs wider, offering herself up to you.

Chloe pulls her panties to the side, showing you what you’ve been craving since the first moment you laid eyes on her. You move in to take in her aroma as she caresses the back of your head, coaxing you in closer until your tongue dives deep inside of her. The sweetness of Chloe and her moans are what get you excited, and she knows how to please.

Pushing you back in the seat, she leans over you, slowly unbuttoning your pants and pulling them down, all while teasing you, doing it slowly. She knows you want it and she wants to build the anticipation.

Chloe just can’t believe how big you are! Her mouth salivates a bit as she just stares at your shaft. It looks delicious. She reaches out, grasping it. She looks it up and down, taking in the size compared to her hand, and compared to all the other dicks she’s had in her life. She’s impressed.

She places her other hand on your hip to brace herself as she slides your shaft down into her hot, wet mouth. But she never looks away from you while she does it. She maintains eye contact while enjoying the tasty treat you have provided you, absorbing all of the flavor you’ve produced while working up a sweat outside.

Chloe can hardly contain herself, but she doesn’t want to finish herself off (or you) just yet. She lets you remain seated while she takes you and pushes you deep inside of her tight pussy. You look down; watching as it swallows your member whole, all the way down so it looks like there is nothing between the two of you.

Every inch of you fills her up and she lets you know her satisfaction with every moan and murmur. She then twists, allowing you to watch her ass bob up and down as your penis appears and disappears one moment to the next.

She shows you a host of different moves, letting you decide when you want to finish. Just know that she will enjoy every drop of your reward once you do.

POV 1-on-1 from a reclined sitting position.
Chloe teases with dirty talk throughout and does all the work fucking you. A quick strip leads into a deep throat BJ, then she climbs on and rides you face-to-face, back to BJ, onto footjob, reverse cowgirl asking you to give a few hard spanks. Back to facing you she squats on your cock until she cums. BJ into reverse cowgirl looking over her shoulder back at you as you bounce her by the hips on your cock. Finishes with HJ into her mouth.

From The Vault Chloe Amour Gearvr
Name: chloe_amour_ryan_king_gearvr_mq.mp4
Duration: 00:21:29
Size: 2.29 GB
Resolution: 2880 x 1440
Frame Rate: 30.000 fps
Audio Codec: AAC

From The Vault Chloe Amour Gearvr

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