Your Wish Is My Command – Kiara Lord (Oculus 5K)

Your Wish Is My Command Kiara Lord Oculus 5k

Your Wish Is My Command – Kiara Lord (Oculus 5K)

Starring: Kiara Lord
Studio: DarkRoomVR

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Your Wish Is My Command Kiara Lord Oculus 5k
Finding lovers has never been a problem for Kiara Lord. She is pretty, outgoing and has had her share of men interested. Something has always been missing for her sexually. She even tried women and still, something just wasn’t quite what it should be. On the advice of a friend and after much thought, she signed up for a special app to help her find a truly dominant lover. After looking through hundreds of profiles, Kiara was about ready to give up when she found that interested her. He has specific requirements before they meet that includes an intimate video. She does her best to create a special VR Porn Scene for him. He likes what he sees and invites her over on one condition. She must do anything and everything he commands. When she arrives, she is nervous, but once she is in her lingerie, his commanding presence makes her feel right at home. As soon as he takes out his cock, she is overwhelmed with the desire to please him with her mouth. When he is ready, he turns her around and fills her pussy, reaching up to put his hands around her throat. Kiara has never been fucked this way and suddenly realizes what has been missing. She can feel her pussy creaming as his strokes push her over the edge and starts cumming harder than ever. He turns her over and orders her to stroke his dick with her pussy, pleasing him at whatever pace he requires. He rewards her with a big load of cock cream. Now she knows what has been missing, Kiara can’t wait for round two.

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Your Wish Is My Command Kiara Lord Oculus 5k

Your Wish Is My Command Kiara Lord Oculus 5k
File Name: your-wish-is-my-command-5k10.mp4
Duration: 00:38:47
File Size: 8.22 GB
Resolution: 5400 x 2700
Video: mp4
Audio: AAC

Your Wish Is My Command Kiara Lord Oculus 5k

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